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Friday, 15 April 2016

Review Of Goat Simulator

This game is known for its funny game play and jokes.People like it because of the freedom you get in the game and there is always something to do ,from getting the highest score to finding all the car batteries.

this game is fun and amusing because you never get bored you could fly around in the anti-gravity or go on a rollercoster and fly around the world the graphics are ok but there are quite a few glitches in the game.If I were you i would play it with friends its way more fun that way because you can have a battle or a king of the hill contest.

I personally believe that goat simulator gets a 3/5  

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Review Of Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2

This game is widely known for their unique style and idea,every one cant deny the fact of how much effort they put into the dazzling Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare but the make ANOTHER ONE
just think for a sec how many fans will they get;will they make Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 3,will they get a 5/5 star review YOU.......WILL.........SEE.

The games graphics are outstanding with the fact that this game has loads of features and missions to do like killing big Burt, killing fire Zombies,protecting a garden and finding a secret room.
There are loads of gnomes to find around the map meanwhile there is a deluxe edition which
gives you 300,000 coins and loads of packs which gives you a new person and some things that you can use to costumise your character.

I personally believe that Plants VS Zombies gets a 4/5

Review Of Colour Switch

This game has got so many downloads from the last few months; it has got its fame from the challenging jumps to the awesome different shapes and the possible amazing score i give it, so you better find out.

The game is so addictive because of the infinite score and amazing different obstacles and hard levels
and it's related to a game called don't touch the spikes.

I personally believe that Colour Switch gets a 5/5    

Review Of Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular game and people play it all over the world.They like it because of the mobs to the graphics but what rating will I give it.

The game is hugely popular and has won a bunch of awards/World records and there are a handful of secrets and Easter eggs in the game meanwhile the graphics are very well made and the updates just keep on flowing in.The new update is very well thought of and people seem to love it (so do I).

To conclude my review i personally believe that minecraft gets a 4/5

This is the start of Little House Of Gaming.I hope you like my blog and here it is!!!